My Projects


SEP 2019


A Boris in Berlin GmbH app

BeMySpace is the best app for performing artists looking for a rehearsal space. Take a look and discover how many rehearsal spaces you didn't even know about are based around the corner!

Features of the app:
- In the app you will be able to look for rehearsal spaces close to you, in other cities and with all the features you need
- You will be able to select the time slots you need to rent the studio and proceed with the payment, nice and easy
- The payment procedures are sure and managed through Stripe, one of the most affordable payment systems on the market
- You'll be able to manage your booking and eventually to cancel it
- At the end of the rehearsal, you'll be able to review the host and fav it in your profile
If you own and manage a rehearsal space:
- You'll be able to create a host profile, to create so many spaces you want, to post great pictures and create promotions to attract guests
- You'll be able to manage your schedule, deciding what time slots during the week you'll be managing through BeMySpace
- You'll receive the money directly on your bank account
- After any rehearsal, you can revue the guest

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JAN 2019


A Boris in Berlin GmbH app

Free your inner artist with DanceMe, the brand-new app for dance creation!
With DanceMe you can have your own dance Studio, talk about dance in your profile, move dance inside and outside theaters, in every corner of the world.

You can use DanceMe to:
· Record your videos about dance and edit them with a wide range of filters and creative tools.
· Post them in one of the studios where professional dancers and choreographers rehearse. By actually taking part in their creative process, you will have the unique chance to leave your mark on their performances.
· Post your videos on your profile and connect with other users passionate about dance and digital media.
· Comment on the videos posted by the performers or by other users.
· Share videos on your social media profiles or via mail.
· Apply to be the new performer rehearsing in a studio.

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JUN 2018
the only iOS app that generates original artwork based on your unique health information.

+ WatchOS

+ Metal and SpriteKit
+ HealthKit

This is a project where different frameworks are implemented, in where Watch App communicate with iOS app and both communicate with external APIs.

I generated the heartwork using SpriteKit and Metal, based on different attributes provided by HealthKit and by two Weather APIs: heart beats during exercise, HRV (heart rate variability), resting heart beat, # of steps taken, distance for running / walking, stairs climbed, active energy burned, local weather, climate, location information.

My main goal was to translate in code what was designed by the team, focusing on limiting and managing the CPU usage and on finding and fixing memory leaks.

It was a team work: project manager, designer, backend developer, frontend developer.

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JAN 2018

LeadMe CRM

My first Enterprise project.

LeadMe CRM is an app available for Android tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad and Web. It is a Customer Relationship Management.

  • APIs
  • CoreData and UserDefaults 
  • Token security integration

I improved my skills related to external API communication. I managed JSON provided by PHP webservices and I created my own system to handle errors.
This app is able to store data locally, in particular I focused on the user privileges and login:
the API creates a token for the user that is locally stored. Each post request double checks if the user has the auth by using the token.
Thanks to this project I got in touch with an old API system and I was able to create a bridge between what already exists and new features adapting everything to mobile devices (iOS).

It was a team work with a backend developer and a JAVA developer.