Formally trained at the Apple Developer Academy, with a Computer Science background. Since 2017 I have been designing and developing apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, from prototypes to delivering products.

Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer

11.2018 - Present

Boris in Berlin GmbH

  • Led IT projects within the fields of art and dance.
  • Designed and developed iOS apps.

iOS Developer

10.2017 - 06.2019

Apple Developer Academy

  • Developed projects for specific stakeholders.
  • Developed tools and innovative solutions with the aim offering people affected by motor disabilities new educational and professional paths in the digital environment.
  • Apple Scholarship Recipient
  • WWDC19 Scholarship Winner

Basketball Match Analyst

08.2009 - 03.2015

Centro Ester SSD ARL

  • Collected and managed data in order to improve team performances, using Video Editing Softwares (Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Studio) and Scouting Softwares.

Computer Consultant

08.2009 - 03.2015

Associazione Centro Ester Ente Morale

  • Designed, coded, tested, installed and maintained frontend CRM web application, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, PHP, MySQL, REST APIs.



certified basketball coach since 2008

Thanks to this experience I faced how to work in team and I learnt how to make middle-term and long-term growth plan for my basketball teams.
Being a basketball coach I improved my soft skills and I am able to adapt my communication style to best suit my player needs.


member of "La Casa di Alessandra ONLUS"

As member of a non-profit organization ("La Casa di Alessandra ONLUS") I coordinated cultural events and I was part of the theatre cast.

This experience increased my public speaking skills and I learnt how to be a facilitator and how to lead the other members to a joint decision.


volunteer in the italian army

Being a soldier I improved my skills about working under pressure and respecting the rules. Military discipline and working hard tought me how to push myself past my limit and realize my goals.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching

Understanding the foundation of networking. Setting up a local networking (LAN) and troubleshooting of common scenarios.



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